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Sue Pierce

Founder and CEO

Sue Pierce has worked as a consultant to government and educational institutions for more than 22 years. Serving as executive director of a public policy research organization from 1988 – 1994, she had the opportunity to use both her finance and public policy skill sets to effect significant change in Iowa.

With Fusebox, Sue has been engaged by several educational institutions, cities, counties, and states to design and implement broad-based facility planning efforts, to run referendums, and create high-performance facilities focused on energy conservation, sustainability, and an improved work and learning environment. Her extensive work with governments includes providing a variety of planning and consulting services in the areas of facilities, energy, green initiatives, and finance.

Sue designed and implemented an energy behavior plan for Washington Elementary School District (WESD) that reduced consumption by 15% in the first year saving the District $886,725; an additional 11% in the second year realizing avoided costs after two years of over $2,000,000. The savings realized were from behavior change and not from mechanical improvements. She has duplicated these results in other school districts and currently works with over 200 schools both in Arizona and nationwide on energy planning and energy behavior management.

Sue has worked with school districts to introduce new energy technologies and alternative energy both to reduce costs and introduce students to cutting edge changes occurring in the energy industry; monitoring data from two geothermal school installations - both the first and the largest to be constructed on Phoenix-area school campuses; evaluating and were financially feasible coordinating solar projects for schools including assisting school districts in walking through the entire process from obtaining utility incentives to hiring qualified installers to get financing.

In addition to Fusebox, she is an owner of Moving Forward, an energy curriculum company.

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