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Fusebox, powered by Pierce Energy Planning, is a cloud-based utility management software solution powered by industry experts who aggregate and analyze data providing proactive solutions resulting in gas, electric, and water savings. We are a solutions-based organization, with a team to support you through the initial implementation phase into training and maintenance.

  • Dedicated support team for each client
  • User-friendly dashboard functionality
  • Automated 24/7 utility data interface
  • Customized reporting

Make energy management easier and more efficient with Fusebox.

Fusebox gives you 24/7 data monitoring and mobile-friendly dashboard access for visibility into when and where your buildings are using energy. We empower your organization to eliminate waste, take control of energy costs, and drive savings to your bottom line.


Automated Utility Data Management

We compile, analyze, and manage electric, gas, and water data, including utility rate analysis, historical data, and usage patterns to provide alerts and strategies that will result in savings and demand reduction.


Solar/Renewable Energy Analysis

We analyze your renewable energy contracts and advise on optimal contract terms and proper system installation. We measure energy production data to calculate ROI and help you get the most out of your solar investment.


Energy Management System (EMS) Analysis

We evaluate data trends and diagnose EMS problems to provide you with helpful insights to help correct errors and optimize your savings.


Energy and Alternative Energy Consulting

Our team offers ongoing energy consulting services to help deliver long-term value to your organization. Our software is only one part of the solution, we offer many flexible options to suit your needs.

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Save time with automated utility data aggregation.

Your organization will save valuable time with Fusebox by increasing your data accuracy and eliminating the need to track data manually.

Fusebox automatically pulls billing data directly from the utility provider, allowing for earlier detection of problems and eliminating manual aggregation errors.

Our Easy, Smart, Efficient Process

Aggregate Data

Is your organization doing everything it can to understand energy and water data? Fusebox automatically aggregates your utility data to help get a more complete view and maximize your savings.

Digest and Analyze

Do you have equipment failing or water leaks or staff who do not turn off lights? A thorough analysis of utility data helps to provide the answers needed to keep your utility bills low.

Develop Actionable Insights

Is your data unorganized and under-utilized? Fusebox delivers valuable, actionable insights to help you make informed decisions based on current activities.

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