Gift-Giving For The Energy and Sustainability-Minded

The holidays are coming up, which means festive decorations, time with family (safely, while following social distancing, mask-wearing, and gathering size recommendations), and gift-giving! Today, we’re sharing gift ideas for the energy and sustainability enthusiast in your life.

For a math or science teacher:

Whether or not they teach about energy efficiency, a basic Kill-A-Watt meter (or one that will also help calculate a carbon footprint) can be a fun tool that a teacher could use in their classroom or at home. A Kill-A-Watt meter allows users to plug in electronic devices and measure the amount of energy that the device uses. You can also set the price per kWh so the meter can help calculate how much devices might cost per month.

For someone who has all the tech gadgets:

A smart plug could be a great choice for someone who’s into their smart home. Smart plugs allow users to plug in devices, manage on/off/standby settings, and monitor the devices energy use from a smart phone. All you need is a wifi signal. Additionally, some smart plugs will integrate with your Google, Amazon, or Apple Smart Home system.

For the home gardener:

There are lots of fun gadgets for a garden; some of them can make an evening gardening session energy efficient! For the gardener who wants more time outside, look at something like a wind-powered light that produces then stores and uses power from the wind.

For the person who loves the outdoors:

When out in the wilderness, there isn’t always an opportunity to keep your phone charged. Even if it’s not for phone calls, your phone may be your camera! Think about getting a solar-powered charger for your outdoorsy friend or family member who wants their gadgets charged even while camping or hiking.

For young kids:

It’s never too early to start to talk to kids about energy efficiency! There are lots of great children’s books about saving energy and protecting the environment. Author Jen Green has a “Why Should I?” series that includes books about saving energy, saving water, and recycling that are fun resources for kids to start thinking about protecting the planet. The Berenstain Bears also have a few books in their series that talk about the environment: The Berenstain Bears Don’t Pollute (Anymore) and The Berenstain Bears Go Green.

For middle schoolers:

For the middle schooler in your life, give a board game! Check out Earthopoly, a version of the classic real estate game, where players become caretakers of the environment. Planet is another unique option, where players strategize and compete to create the best version of their world.

For your high schooler:

Many teenagers have smart phones these days, and what better way to protect that phone than with a phone case? But a phone case doesn’t have to be made of standard plastic; many companies are starting to make phone cases out of biodegradable or environmentally-friendly materials! Consider options made of old fishing nets, compostable materials, or bamboo.

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